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Is Ficus an indoor plant?
Most ficus grown indoors are woody tree-like plants with single or multi-stemmed trunks. When caring for indoor ficus tree plants, the proper light, soil, pruning and fertilization are essential for a healthy plant

  • Beautiful, lush foliage
  • Easy to grow
  • Low maintenance
  • Slow growing

Ficus lyrata, known as a Fiddle Leaf Fig due to its resemblance to a Fiddle, is one of the most popular and easy to grow indoor plants on the market today.

Fiddle Leaf Figs can grow up to 15 metres in their native habitat, however indoors they will only reach a height of around 3 metres. They like a good amount of space, good air circulation and bright, indirect sunlight.

Ficus lyrata should only be watered when the soil in the top of the pot is slightly dry and during Winter they should be watered less often.

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